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Why are so many people doing kickboxing classes at Victory Martial Arts In Arlington Heights IL ?

Let's first start off talking about why you might be interested in Kickboxing for Fitness.

Most men & women that train at Muay Thai Kickboxing gyms get started because of the desire to get in Phenomenal Shape! They most likely heard that it develops your cardio, endurance, strength, balance and flexibility and nothing does a better job of that.

But what's most interesting is that their are 2 HUGE Benefits of doing a kickboxing class that newer students DID NOT EXPECT!

Beginner students DID not expect to LOSE WEIGHT, GET STRONGER and LEARN how to do Kickboxing so FAST!

Incredibly, many of them felt these results in less then 90 Days! They did this in only 2-3 training lessons per week and by following our proven & time tested guidelines for living the Martial Arts Lifestyle. Anyone can do it, we have both men & women in our adult beginners classes from ages 18-55.

Many of our students say that because class structure is so fun and their is so much variety, that 3 months go by and it felt like they had been coming for 2 weeks. They were as fired up about kickboxing training classes as when they first got started on our 14 day FREE Trial!

After only 3 months our students stated they started seeing " SIDE BENEFITS" of Martial Arts!

What side benefits would you want besides having a FUN, Safe Customizable workout class that is full of variety that gets you LEAN & FIT?

Here is an example of just one...

Many times when people are feeling like they are in a rut it's because they either don't know what to do in order to shake things up and CHALLENGE themselves OR they already know what they need to TACKLE but they lack motivation to get started.

One thing we hear over and over again from our students and read in our online reviews is how Victory Kickboxing gyms has Motivated them to the point where they FEEL EMPOWERED and INSPIRED to TACKLE other Challenges. Their outlook in their daily lives change and they start setting and achieving goals that are important to them.

You wouldn't feel that way if you joined a boring GYM. You would stop training in a few weeks after starting and search for a time you will feel the motivation to get in shape and feel great again. A cycle begins

Just think how maybe this could be the one thing you start doing that will provide the biggest POSITIVE impact on your life in the months to come.

These are just some of the side benefits of taking up Martial Arts at Victory. There are so many other side benefits that our students mention such as Increased Self Discipline as well as a Confidence in their ability to protect themselves if they need to.

Others report a improved energy and focus in their daily lives. Martial Arts teaches you to BE in the MOMENT!

We offer Adult Kickboxing, MMA, Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense classes. We have KIds Karate Classes too!

Why get Started with Kickboxing at Victory Martial Arts Arlington Heights?

First, we offer a NO RISK FREE 14 DAY Kickboxing course for beginners. We don't use long term contracts or expensive down payments either! We are confident that after 14 days of training you will be MOTIVATED to continue. We know because you will leave every class felling INSPIRED!

Also, Victory Martial Arts Arlington Heights is a part of a much larger family of Martial Arts Schools in Illinois. They have been operating Kickboxing gyms for over 20 years. We have ultra high standards on the Instructors & coaches. We certify them for both safety and Martial Arts Skills & understanding. We also train them on the top Sports performance and motivation techniques.

This is why civilians, security personnel and police departments seek training from Victory Martial Arts Academies. They are also known for their motivational martial arts speeches at local elementary and high schools

Give us a Call today to get your FREE 14 Day Beginners Class Trial to any of our Adult Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, and MMA.

Victory Martial Arts Arlington Heights

764 W. Algonquin Road

Arlington Heights, IL 60005

(224)345 9490

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We also have a Dynamic Kids Karate Class. If you know a child that needs to improve their ability to FOCUS, Martial Arts is 10x better than most sports activities for cultivating Focus! Ask about our Children's Martial Arts lessons when you call.

No matter what your age or skill level, when you train in Kick boxing you will be able to challenge your self both in learning of the skills and the exertion level of your workout.

The result is YOU looking & feeling better!

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